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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Green Pastures and Green Dresses

He Makes Me Lie Down in Green Pastures. 

We are so busy we often do not take time to rest and relax.  Jesus tells us to come to Him - all those who are weary and heavy laden and He will give us rest. 

My blogger friend Sharita recently shared  The Green Dream and How to Tame it at Tell Me a Story. 

Her post brought back memories about colors and a Green Dress that was mine at one time.

Because the tones of our completion God gave us, certain shades of color look best on us.  (Or not)

Personally, I cannot wear certain colors such as; yellow, white, orange, red or lime green.  My favorite colors are shades of purple, magenta, pink, blue and sometimes grey.

A long time ago, I had a favorite GREEN dress, and wore it a LOT.

One day my husband asked me to get rid of the dress because he hates green; so I did as he asked.  For years I shunned green clothing to please him.

Recently I realized that certain shades of green were lovely, especially dark forest green, and so I began to add that color to my wardrobe.

Hubby no longer objects to dark green as long as I also wear other colors.
These days we hear a lot about “Living green,” and “Eating green,” and wonder what is all the fuss? 
It is good to pay attention to how we treat our earth, and what we eat, but we must use caution in getting caught up in causes that slow down our Spiritual growth.
Come aside and seek Jesus for Himself, allow Him to guide and lead you in paths of righteous and He will gently reveal to you His green pastures where He will give you rest.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Jesus Christ is the Same

Jesus Christ is the Same
Taken from: daily devotional –

Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God. Consider the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

Do not be led away by diverse and strange teachings, for it is good for the heart to be strengthened by grace, not by foods, which have not benefited those devoted to them.
We have an altar from which those who serve the tent have no right to eat.”
{Hebrews 13:7-10, ESV}


When I think of . . .
every city I’ve moved to,
every place I’ve worked,
every church I’ve attended,

Jesus was there. With me. In me.
And always interceding for me.


When I think of . . .

every prayer I’m praying,
every circumstance I’m facing,
every decision I’m considering,

Jesus is there. With me. In me.
And always interceding for me.
When I think of . . .

every dream yet to live,
every season yet to come,
every moment yet to happen,

Jesus will be there. With me. In me.
And always interceding for me.

Amidst every change in every season of life . . .

Jesus has been, and is, and always will be my Constant—
an Ever-Present Help and Ever-Faithful Friend.



Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Let MY Words Abide IN YOU - guest Kent Simpson

"If My Words Abide in You"

By Guest - Kent Simpson, Gainesville, TX

"If you abide in Me, and My Words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you." John 15:7

The verse of Scripture has a much deeper meaning than you may think.
To "abide in Me" is to live in Christ and Him in you. And you are forbidden to meditate or touch anything that is not of Him. This part of the verse is not too difficult to understand, for anything of sin should not be let in. The next part of the verse has been misunderstood for a long time by many and needs further explanation: "...and My Words abide in you."

Here is what most people think this part of the verse is saying: "If you stay away from sin and read your Bible every day (or as often as possible), then you are abiding in His Word."

Therefore their belief is that the promise in this verse, "You will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you," (John 15:7b), is automatically working for every believing Christian.

And when it doesn't work in their life they question their faith and the truth of the Bible.

We must be willing to answer the call of the Holy Spirit and be willing to follow Him to the depths of our sanity. He will take you through various situations along this journey, teaching you what His Words really mean. Whether it's the written Word or spoken word, we must obtain understanding, for this will increase our knowledge and with knowledge we will become much wiser.

The Deep Calls unto the Deep

Now let's give this some thought. It's not too difficult to read your Bible and restrain yourself from offending God. So why doesn't every Christian receive whatever they desire? After all, the Bible promises it to be so.
The promise in this verse we are discussing states that, "You will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you." This is a very powerful promise and I will explain how you are to obtain this promise.

The first part of this puzzle of truth must be broken down in order for us to see the prerequisites outlined within it before we can receive the full measure of the promise and its manifestation. Allow me to stretch your faith a little and share with you what I have been taught by the Holy Spirit. The next few steps are not meant to offend, but rather to help set you in a place to where you can begin walking in the fullness of the promises of God.

Remember this one thing! The Holy Bible is 100% from God and is all true.

Truth will always work when applied as instructed. If what you have been taught in the past is not working then it's not being taught correctly and it's time to ask the only true Teacher for the correct answers.

The Holy Spirit is the Author and Teacher that will give you all truth and nothing but the truth. We can continue to learn more daily from our God, for He is NOT dead. He is alive and is speaking to you and me.

Who or What is the Word of God

Jesus Christ is the Word of God. He can speak to you through the Bible, but do not be confused; He is not wood, pulp, and ink, bound in genuine leather. The Holy Scriptures are a compilation of divine events that are inscribed testimonials about God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

When you are reading from your Bible you need to know the difference between the (Logos) Word and His (Rhema) Word. Many words in the Bible have more than one meaning for they originated in languages other than English. So when we read our Bibles in the English translation, the same Word can be used over and over as having the same meaning; however, in the original text it may have multiple meanings.

If you are reading your Bible and you are obtaining information as you study, you are reading the written Word or you could say the (logos) Word. The Holy Spirit can use any book, billboard, poster, man, woman, child and even a donkey to speak to you. There is no limit to how God can speak His (Rhema) Word or to say His life-giving Word. We are always looking for the life-giving Word, the (Rhema) Word of God. The (Rhema) Word changes our lives and gives direction, heals and delivers us.

Do you know what it's like to have the Holy Spirit speak His (Rhema) Word to you in the very hour you need it? This is the (Rhema) Word this verse is talking about, not just whatever you want to read or claim for yourself. The verse is referring to the (Rhema) Word from Jesus Christ, who IS the living Word in this verse, "If you abide in Me, and My Words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you" (John 15:7).

I hope and pray that you understand this part and use it as your spiritual compass to guide you through life. Continually keep your spiritual antennas up, ready to receive every life-giving (Rhema) Word that comes to you. It is your Master, King, Lord Jesus speaking to you.

Pray, hear and obey, for it is the Christian way. Amen, so be it!

Kent Simpson, Prophetic Pastor
Prophetic Ministries Today


Kent Simpson is a prophetic pastor and is the founder and senior pastor of Prophetic Ministries Tabernacle – a gathering place for the prophetic people of God to unite for the sole purpose of being used as vessels for the Holy Spirit to speak through. Prophetic Ministries Today is devoted to the truth that Jesus is not dead but alive and He speaks if you have an ear to hear the Spirit. His website is filled with prophetic teachings which will help you understand the process of "hearing" God for yourself as well as others. The Lord wants you to pray, hear, and obey Him because the Holy Spirit is the only One who can truthfully lead you into the abundant life Jesus promised us.


Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Packet of Seeds

Sow Your Seeds and Expect a Harvest
Today at Church - Guest, Brother Prapai brought an inspiring message with reminders of who we are today because of Jesus.  I gleaned and bring you this digested sermon.

We hear of great men of God who slip and fall, yet we know God is the restorer.

Adam and Eve messed up big time, but in His mercy, God gave them a package of seeds to plant and harvest, as they were cast out of the garden.

Sometimes we fall short, and it is time to return to the cross.  God is developing us and changing us from day to day, one step at a time.

This is the season to overcome.  Each season with its changes has a different color.  It is time to change and be ready for the next season in our spiritual walk.

Peter was a coward, just like us, but he was the one who stepped out of the boat.  We reason and question, should I get out of the boat or should I wait just a minute.

God has not called us to worry, but we are called to trust.

Peter began to sink, but what he did is what we should do in time of trouble.  He called out “Help me Lord.”  Peter had faith, but it was supported by his head and not his heart.

God knows all about our shortcomings and all the stuff that is going on in our lives.

We can overcome by using God’s Word and our testimony.

The soldiers were coming to get Jesus, and Peter took out his sword and cut off the ear of one of the soldiers.  Jesus loved the soldiers and he picked up the ear and put it right back on - - healing the man.

Jesus loves us when we are up, he loves us when we are down, and even when we are a bit crazy.

We say, “I can’t do this.”  Hey aren’t you listening?  There is a break through coming.  Don’t worry about what you don’t have, but rejoice and be thankful for what you do have.

At Pentecost, Peter said, “I am going to tell you what I know.”  That is what we can do.  Tell others what God has done for us.

Are you looking ahead or do you want to get back in the boat?  Are you tired of doing life your way with results that are lacking?

With God the net will be full and not break.

At the recovery meetings the members say, “Hi my name is (blank) and I am an alcoholic or an addict. 
But we need to understand that I am NOT that old person any more.  I was a sinner, but now I am saved by grace.

At church we gather for prayers and we are around people.  Then it is time to leave and we feel alone.  Understand we are NOT alone.  Jesus is in us, and has promised to never leave or forsake us.

People are hungry and thirsty and we have the Bread and Water of Life to share.

Let us go forth with our testimony and believe God to bring the increase.  Sow your packet of seed that is in your hand and expect God to yield a harvest.

Renewed by Guest – Roy Lessin


May God restore your soul, refresh your spirit, and remove every cloud of despair, release every care of anxiety, lift every burden of strife, heal every wound of unkindness, cleanse every stain of sin, take every weight of heaviness, and renew to the fullest, every joy, hope, and blessing that He has made available to you in the riches of Jesus Christ.

He will give a crown of beauty for ashes, a joyous blessing instead of mourning, festive praise instead of despair. In their righteousness, they will be like great oaks that the Lord has planted for his own glory. They will rebuild the ancient ruins, repairing cities destroyed long ago. Isaiah 61:3-4 (NLT)

Renew my life with Your goodness. Psalm 119:40 (NLT)


Saturday, March 21, 2015

Allow God to Be God – Guest R.T. Kendall


What then? If some did not believe, their unbelief will not nullify the faithfulness of God, will it? May it never be! Rather, let God be found true, though every man be found a liar. —Romans 3:3-4, NAS

Everyone, at some point in their lives, feels that God has betrayed them and let them down.

They find God seems more like an enemy than a friend. Nine out of ten people say, "Well, God, if that's how You want it to be, then I'll go my way and You go Yours."

Only one out of ten, I reckon, breaks that betrayal barrier and holds on, like Jacob who wrestled with the angel and said, "I won't let go unless you bless Me."

The same kind of thing happened to Abraham. We read in Genesis 22:2 how God tested Abraham by asking him to sacrifice his son—his only son.

That made no sense to Abraham. But Abraham showed he was willing to obey God, and God honored him for what he was prepared to do.

Sooner or later, God will ask you to do something that makes no sense at the time.

Perhaps the barrier you have to break is the one that doesn't seem logical at the time, but you must give God the benefit of the doubt. Abraham obeyed God and was never sorry.

We want God to be partial for us, but we have to come to the place where we allow God to be God.

Would we affirm Him if He were to work powerfully in another church, in another denomination? Would we say, "That is God"? 

During the American Civil War, someone came up to President Lincoln and asked, "Is God on our side or their side?" Lincoln's reply was, "All I want to know is whether we are on God's side." That is what we need to learn. When it comes to understanding God, we need to be on God's side and let God be God.

Excerpted from All's Well That Ends Well - R.T. Kendall 

Let God work first IN You and then YOU work with God

Friday, March 20, 2015

Your New Beginning - Guest Jennifer LeClaire

"6 Prophetic Words for Your New Beginning"

Guest - Jennifer LeClaire, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Earlier this year, Jennifer says, "I released a prophetic word for 2015: It's the year of new beginnings. I believe 2015 is a year of new beginnings and that means birthings."

Some of you, though, need a little more encouragement. In my book, Mornings With the Holy Spirit: Listening Daily to the Still, Small Voice of God, I have shared with the world prophetic words the Holy Spirit has spoken to my heart over the years during times of prayer, worship and just everyday living.

I believe the following six utterances, along with Scriptural references and prayer starters, can help you press into your new beginning. I hope they encourage you as much as they did me.

1. Determine to Follow Your Desires

Determine to follow your desires, for I have placed those desires in your heart as you have delighted yourself in Father. As you continue to seek first the Kingdom and Our righteousness, I will direct your steps on a lighted path that will take you where We both want you to go. Apart from Christ you can do nothing, but you are not apart from Christ. You are in Christ, and He is in you. If you determine to reach His high calling for you and lean and depend on Me to guide you, nothing shall by any means stop you.

SCRIPTURE: Psalm 37:4; Matthew 6:33; Proverbs 3:5

PRAYER: Thank You for Your faithfulness to the dreams You have put in my heart. Give me a determined heart that will not turn to the right or to the left. Help me to stay focused on Your perfect will for me this day and every day.

2. Look Ahead to Your Destiny

Don't look back. I know your hurts. I know your wounds. I know your disappointments. I saw the betrayals. I saw the tears. I was with you through the pain, and I am here to make it right. I will work it all—the hurt, the disappointment, the betrayals—together for your good because you love Me and I love you. I will give you beauty for ashes. But you have to leave those ashes behind so I can resurrect with newness of life those things the enemy tried to steal, kill and destroy. Remember Lot's wife. Don't look back. Your destiny is ahead, and I am leading you toward your dreams. (Photo via Wikimedia)

SCRIPTURE: Philippians 3:12-14; Isaiah 61:3; Romans 8:28

PRAYER: Thank You for Your healing power in my soul. Give me the strength to press beyond the past and toward my high calling in Christ. Show me how to make the divine exchange that will give me beauty for ashes, and I will glorify Your name.

3. It's Never Too Late to Start Over

No matter what destruction the enemy has brought to your life, you can start over again. Father started over with Noah after the destruction of the Flood. He made a covenant with man never to flood the earth again. And He has made a covenant with you through His Son. So be at peace, knowing that when the enemy comes in like a flood, Father will raise up a standard against him. And what the enemy meant for harm, Father means for good. You can start again in My grace. It's never too late to start over in Christ.

SCRIPTURE: Genesis 9:17; Isaiah 59:19; Genesis 50:20

PRAYER: Thank You for Your covenant with me. Thank You for protecting me from the wiles of the enemy. Thank You for giving me a fresh start in Christ. Anoint me to walk out of the old season and into what You have planned for me. 

4. Forget What Lies Behind

It's a new day. Forget what lies behind, and press on to what Jesus has for you. Don't let your mind wander to the people and places of the past, no matter how good or how bad. If you try to move forward while looking back, you will stumble. You will stumble over frustration, either because things didn't go the way you hoped or because your current circumstances do not live up to those of your past. Don't look back. Stay focused on your mission in Christ. He will take care of the past, present and future if you keep your mind stayed on Him.

SCRIPTURE: Philippians 3:13-14; Isaiah 43:19; Ephesians 2:10

PRAYER: Holy Spirit, when my mind wanders away from Your truth, please speak to my heart and remind me that the past is the past and the future is bright. Please give me a glimpse of what lies ahead so I can press on toward that higher calling of God in Christ Jesus.
5. Prepare for a New Season
I've given you a gift, and I expect you to use it. You've wondered many times why your gift has not made room for you. But, My friend, you must take the first step and make room for the gift. You must put away from you and lay aside those things that are distracting you from My higher purpose for your life. I want to take you into deep waters. Prepare yourself now for a new season in which My gifts will manifest through you for the glory of Christ.

SCRIPTURE: Proverbs 18:16; 1 Corinthians 13:11; Hebrews 12:1
PRAYER: I want to glorify Christ with the gifts You've given me. I will yield to You, Holy Spirit, if You make Your way known to me. Help me to turn away from anything and everything that's distracting me from Your love, Your presence and Your will.
6. I Will Give You Wisdom and Strategies for Victory
Just as I was with Moses, Joshua and David, empowering them with wisdom and revelation and delivering them from the hand of the enemy, so I am with you. I am the power that defeats all your enemies. Speak against your spiritual foes in the name of Jesus, and I will enforce His will against your enemies—they will fall in defeat. I will give you wisdom for every battle and reveal strategies for victory. Just as I was with Moses, Joshua and David, so I am with you.

SCRIPTURE: Zechariah 4:6; Psalm 31:8; Psalm 24:8

PRAYER: Give me a revelation of Your presence and an understanding of the power of the name of Jesus, that I may stand confidently—fearlessly—against the wiles of the enemy and see Your victory in my life. Thank You for the authority to use Christ's name!
Used by Permission from Charisma Magazine.